What is it?

  • Yur safe Sun will provide you, through our smart platform, with a system that is able to detect if you've been exposed to sunrays for too long, hence activating one of the protecting devices that will help you keep healthy: a parasol, in order to retain solar radiation; and a hydration system to prevent dehydration. In addition, you are able to select between different types of notifications & protection devices, so the protection adapts to your needs, as well as indicate the thresholds that will generate these warnings. Your data is accessible by your dermatologist so he can work on your health treatments in a more efficient way according to your lifestyle.


    Solar radiation, humidity & weather conditions.


    Is the radiation potentially harmful?


    Activate parasol and water ventilation.


    User customization of experience & protection levels.


    Process ambience data from sensor nodes.


    Respond to user needs.


    Each user has its own configuration.


    Reduced size, wireless & portable.

    Community of developers

  • If you are interested in contacting the community behind Yur safe Sun, the group of developers is formed by:

    • Pablo García Fernández | Hardware Engineer | pablo.garciafernandez@studenti.polito.it
    • Javier Méndez Ortega | Developer | javiermendort@yahoo.es
    • Stefano Rovera | Hardware Engineer | stefano.rovera@tiscali.it
    • Carlos J. Salas Pelayo | Full Stack Developer | carlosjavier.salaspelayo@studenti.polito.it

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