Deliverable D2-Purpose and scope

The goal of the system is to recognize if the user has grabbed the obstacle successfully and than to prompt the user with the next obstacle. The input is the palm of the user, whereas the output is in the form of signal identifying the next obstacle in the course.

1        Definitions

1.1      Glossary

The interface for the project is a website responsible to track and monitor the user's  data, which would be connected to raspberry pi.

1.2      Actors

In our project the only actor involved is the user itself.

2        System Requirements

2.1      Functional Requirements


Functional Area



User login, registration and logout


Interface for setting user preferences


User Registration:

Each user is supposed to set up their own profile through the interface.This process holds a very high priority.

User Preferences:

Each user profile will display the statictics of the individual and the course difficulty level.



2.2      Non-Functional Requirements


Since the project is very task oriented it's portability is of very low concern, however an ability to sync the course guide and user profile a mobile phone app shall very useful.


The only external influencer is light source, since the simulation of holding an obstacle is performed by a palm and a photonic sensor. The sensor's sensitivity is used very carefully and precisely so that a genuine hold shall only be considered to be authentic.


The system turns out to be very efficient since there is a very few amount of data processing.