Deliverable D1


Project Acronym: Gymmy

Project Title: Gymmy


Imagine a rock climbing course. It represents a wall which would sense your moves and guide your through your workout session depends on what level of difficulty you choose.

This device will be able to help in workout session both for professional climbers and for beginners. By choosing the difficulty level.

If it is easy level - the Gymmy will take you to the closest obstacle in the case of more advanced course it would guide you with the more complex path .

The wall will highlight the next point of your path by sensing the pressure of users hands or feet which will be more productive and safer for users.

At the end of the session the device will provide you some useful statistics.


AmI main steps:

·       Sensing: Photonic sensor for sensing if the user grabs the obstacle and grabbed rock location.

·       Reasoning: If user hold the obstacle for 2 seconds then he could move to the next step.

·       Acting: If the user grab the obstacle the device will highlight the next point and would indicate the user obstacle by obstacle.

·       Interacting: The web site where you choose the level of difficulty and provide you some statistics.




AmI features:

·       Responsive: The system is able to provide different difficulty levels.

·       Adaptive: The system can be adapted to different user profiles and their needs.

·       Transparent: The system is completely transparent to the user do not need to wear any device.

·       Intelligent: It will provide the path that suits your ability and experience.