Ambient Intelligence (AmI) is an undergraduate course proposed at Politecnico di Torino. In the AmI course, students learn to conceive, design and implement realistic intelligent systems that support users in their daily activities.

Teams of four students develop different projects, combining sensors, actuators, mobile systems, wearable devices, and cloud services. The projects of year 2016 explore the theme Ambient Intelligence systems for Health and Well-Being.

Browse the projects below, and mark your agenda for the upcoming showcase of all the live demonstrations.
The projects that will participate at the showcase are marked with event_available.

Angee homepage


Parents and their baby will sleep more peaceful and safe thanks to Angee.

Breathe Your Troubles Away homepage

Breathe Your Troubles Away

An intelligent panic attack management system for anxious people.

DigiGarden homepage


DigiGarden takes care of your plant, just as much as you want or you need it to.

Emergency Quest homepage

Emergency Quest

We want to help elderly people with dementia or Alzheimer living a better and safer life.

Eyes Blinker homepage

Eyes Blinker

Blink! We aims at keeping your eyes healthy while you are using a computer.

Free To Breathe homepage

Free To Breathe

An intelligent and interactive solution against air allergies.

Gymmy homepage


More fun and better training with your personal rock climbing wall!

iStop homepage


Improving public transport for the visually impaired.

Night Watch homepage

Night Watch

An intelligent system to help people who suffer from somnambulism to be safe at home.

Pet Care homepage

Pet Care

Pet Care is a complete system for the welfare of our pets: health, food, and games.

RoompathY homepage


RoompathY is an intelligent environment that adapts itself following your personal emotions.

SafetyMama homepage


SafetyMama helps you to attain a peaceful pregnancy.

Sleep Tight homepage

Sleep Tight

The best room atmosphere before going to sleep and while sleeping, to help you to… Sleep tight.

SleepMO homepage


A sleep monitor to improve your daily activities by helping you rest more.

Smart Portable Case homepage

Smart Portable Case

Your activities and your locations will team up to optimize your sitting times.

Study Station homepage

Study Station

A wearable device to avoid health issues caused by wrong postures maintained over time.

WindShield homepage


WindShield will keep you awake while driving, making the driving experience safer.

Your Safe Sun homepage

Your Safe Sun

Exposed to sunrays for too long? It will not happen anymore with Your Safe Sun!