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SafetyMama (SMa) is a system that helps you to attain a peaceful pregnancy. It collects and monitors data and information pertaining to you and your baby physical well-being. It is very important to walk, so a fitness tracker will monitor this aspect and give you automatic suggestions. In every moment of the day, the heart rate monitor checks your heartbeat and a smart wearable device, measures the heart rate and stress levels throughout the day. Thanks to this during the day, if you're at home, SMa will recognize if you are under stress and offers you to receive the treatment and help you to relax automatically activating music, chromotherapy and aromatherapy, to try to make your optimal health, after suggesting you to move into the living room where the devices are installed. The system also allows you to deactivate music, lights or fragrances. After that, if there are no improvements proposes further investigations.



When you're at home, if the values are unpacked, the system offers you to undergo anti-stress treatment. If you accept, it suggests you to move into the living room where the devices are installed.


Stress inference and activation of chromotherapy and aromatherapy system if the woman is at home.


Suggestions and data browsing. The woman can turn of music, or lights, or frangances.


Physical movement (walk), stress detection (heart rate).


During chromotherapy and aromatherapy it verifies in real time the evolution of the parameters, and if there is no improvements proposes further investigations. The system notifies you if you have not walked enough.


Able to sense woman's presence in the house, to measure heart rate.


The mechanism of chromotherapy and aromatherapy changes according to the detected values.


Activation of music, lights and fragrances.


The system collects data and the woman does not notice (ex heart rate, number of steps).


Purpose and Scope

Pregnancy is a delicate moment for a woman , both from the physical and the psychological point of view. Safety Mama was born to take care of them .

For this reason SMa tries to control two main aspects in a pregnant woman's daily routine: physical movement and the state of stress . It checks this two aspects on the basis of the values collected by a smart wristband, which controls all her movements and lets her know if she does the right quantity of phisical activity or if she should do more. Moreover using the Heart Rate System Control it measures heart rate and stress levels during the day, in fact, while tracking Heart Rate is not a substitute for a doctor, it can provide information to users about situations where their stress or anxiety levels may be higher than normal. When the woman has a stress or anxiety level higher than normal, if she is at home, the relaxation system turns on. It consists in a set of chromotherapy, aromatherapy and relaxing music. The mobile application, furthermore allows her to turn off some of the features, for example if she just wants to listen to music or doesn’t want to smell odors. When the parameters return to normal, she will be advised and may decide if shut down the system or continue. Instead, if she isn’t at home, she will receive a notification about her stress status.


Open Issues

  • Listen to the heartbeat and movements of the fetus in order to be able to check in every moment of the day well-being of your child.()

Our Team

Gianna Pistillo

Developer and Designer

Maurizio Pinna


Marco Viadana

Programmer ad graphic designer