• User: The user is the person who interacts with the system and the person who suffers somnambulism. This person is the key of the system.
  • Application: When we talk about the application, we talk about the brain of the system. It’s the part that makes everything to be connected and to act due to the behavior of the user.
  • Bracelet: The part of the system that lets the application knows what is doing the user. The bracelet also will be used to make the application know if the user is awaken or slept due to a simple interaction.
  • Obstacle: The elements of the house that the system will lock if the user is near while sleepwalking such as doors, windows…
  • Web: is the secondary application of the system where the user will be able to see what he/she has done during the night, a history of the nights and a brief information for the user of somnambulism risks.
  • Sleepwalking mode: the mode of the system when it has to interact with the obstacles to keep the user safe.


The system will have different kind of actors, the person who suffers somnambulism and people who live with her. The sleepwalking user is the only one who will be able to use the application and to see the web. But, if a window or door (for example) is locked at night, people who live with the somnambulist will be indirectly affected.