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A watch for Night Walkers


This system, could be understood like the first step to have a smarthouse. The system is going to help people who suffer somnambulism to be safe at their own home. Using a bracelet and interconnected.



The environment where the system is going to be used is a sleepwalker’s house. Due to some changes and automations the system will be able to interact with the house and for example would close a door if the user is sleepwalking and is getting closer and closer to it, this is what we call “SleepWalking mode”. It works in a similar way for windows or some home appliances like a toaster. In this way the user will be absolutely safe in his own house even when he is sleepwalking.


When the user gets up (no matter if he’s sleeping or not) the bracelet would ask for some interaction with the user. If the user does not answer to that interaction how it is expected, it would star the Sleepwalking mode. Besides, if the user answers to the interaction, the system would do nothing.






The system will know when the user is getting closer and closer to an obstacle


The system will know when it has to do something with an obstacle


The user will be able to see his activity during the night with a web app


The house of the user will be connected to the system


The system will interact with the house in different ways using the data



The system will know when the user is getting closer to an obstacle by using connected sensors



The system will perform some actions based on the data that it extract from the connected sensors



The system will be transparent because the main part of it will be the bracelet.



The “brain “ of the system will be hosted in several connected sensors.



The system will perform some actions based on the data that it extracts from the connected sensors



The main purpose of our project is trying to make every house safer to people who suffer from somnambulism. It will be formed by a bracelet and some gadgets that will allow the system to interact with the house in sleepwalking mode such as, connected doors or connected windows.

It will detect in which situation is correct to do some actions due to the repercussion on the person who suffers from somnambulism.

The user will be able to see the movements he/she has done during the nighttime by using a web.






There are two problems that our project has to face: how to connect everything in the house to a system and how the system can measure the distance between the user and an obstacle.

It would be nice to learn about how we can connect the system with the bracelet that our system is going to use and how to program the bracelet to know it is getting closer to an obstacle.

For the developing of the project we will need a door and a window that could be the main obstacles in a house. Also it would be great to have some home appliances to use in our demonstration but it’s not necessary, because the main obstacles are windows and doors.

Maybe we will need to contact with someone of a company that distributes smartwatches or smart band. If it’s possible we would like to contact with someone from Polar, because one of our members has a smartwatch from this brand. If it’s not possible we prefer to use an open source smartband.

We need to know what we can do to face the problem of actuators, and how to use them.