Our goal is to help elderly people living a better life, a safer life.


A situation of dementia should be improved by a series of small steps that will simplify lives.


This is the other type of desease that EQ will try to fight.


Don't worry, you will never lose again your old buddy. Stop being afraid of this situation!

The goal of the project is to give support to people with a disease like dementia or Alzheimer, making them able to continue living at home by themselves. Emergency Quest also aims to support the patient in carrying out everyday tasks and activities, to enhance his safety, and to monitor his health.

The main problems that the system embraces are:

  1. Helping managing some of the potential risks around the home for the patient safety

    More than half of patients with dementia or Alzheimers exhibit some type of "agitation" behavior. The best way to manage agitation is through environmental and atmosphere change. The system will monitor the patient, in case of agitation patient's caregivers will be notificated and advised and the system would try to relax the user by interacting (guiding the user through the correct medical activities) with him and changing the environment by controlling lighting, playing relaxing music.

  2. Supporting the dementia patients to live at home by themselves

    Motion around the house will be detected and will enable prerecorded messages that would help the patient to remember habitual activities like locking the door, turning off the oven. Other reminder would be the set of pre-recorded messages that would be programmed at certain time, like a phone calendar, reminding the patient the realization of daily important activities.

The system will also implement a GPS because the disorientation of the disease often leads to wandering, a common and serious concern for many caregivers. This type of technology can let a caregiver know if the patient has left a certain area or it can show the patient his daily track and the places he have gone.


This is a short story of how this project was born.

  • March 2016

    Our Beginnings

    We create our team, without knowing each other, and we start thinking about a cool and useful AmI project! After a lot of troubles we reach our victory: Emergency Quest.

  • April 2016

    Working together

    The first big delivery! We have to create this site and describe our vision for the project, together with AmI features description.

  • April 2016, 28

    Working harder

    We finally define all functional and non-functional requirements for EQ, defining better actors involved and specific words we will use.

  • MAY 2016

    Defining architecture

    We finally reach our objective: system architecture is ready, we only have to start programming!

  • MAY 2016, 30

    Mobile app ready

    Mobile app and RESTful APIs are finally ready, now we only have to develop room station!

  • Look
    At Our

Our Amazing Team

We are Politecnico di Torino students.

Itzel Barreto

User experience

Mlađo Milunović

Back-end programmer

Stefano Codazzo

Sensing & Electronics

Giovanni Clemente Monna

Front-end programmer

And we want to make the world a better place.

Open Issues

Here we can discuss about issues on our project.

  • How can the system detect motion?
  • How can the system detect a particular condition of "agitation"?
  • How can the environment help the patient?
  • How can the system give previous GPS positions of the patient in the mobile app?