About Roompathy

Roompathy is an intelligent environment that adapts itself following your personal emotions.

Imagine a room that collects your physical information, such as heartbeat, and creates your psychological profile asking some simple question through a web application. Then it modifies the environment around you with lights adjustment and soundscape creation.

So, for example, if you got angry, the system will try to turn itself into a happier and relaxing environment. Furthermore, after each session you can interact with the application and give some feedback in order to improve the next ones.

Roompathy may be naturally useful to anyone already in therapy for emotive issues or anxiety as an additional helping factor, but we also recommend it as a way to just improve your living at home by setting it up in a specific room inside your house.

As a secondary target, a multiple-people implementation may be possible in the future.



RPY sense heart rate from the user.


RPY will act on the environment modifying lights and soundscape of the room, responding to the user needs through Q&A and feedback with the support of a web application.


RPY can infer a situational context from user data (heartbeat), preferences and past history (stored in memory), and consequently adapts itself interpreting all of those data and modifying the room.


The whole system is absolutely transparent in its functions: no obscure background process, no complicated hidden gears. Just a simple web app to heat the system up and feel the result!


RPY changes automatically and constantly through machine learning, studying your reaction and feedback after each session. How cool is that!?

System Specification

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Software Developer

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Software Developer

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Hardware Developer

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Mattia Rossi
Electronics Developer

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