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About our solution: Smart Portable Case

Sitting for long periods of time , even with exercise , has a negative effect on our health (heart disease,diabetes,certain types of cancer,etc..). Using our system users will never feel guilty for neglecting their own well-being ,every day will be a pleasing experience and they will never have tired especially there are too many of us spend the bulk of their waking moments on the couch,in the office chair ,or in a car . Your place, your devices and your times will team up to personalize the optimum smart portable chair personalized to you, and personalized to your daily activities , location, and the amount of time you sit . The system will exploit different means to make the user stand from his chair. You will receive a voice alerts and suggestions according to the user preferences, the time and the location . It will automatically ring according to the user’s hours of sitting on a chair. If you neglect the alarm the system will force you to stand by communicating with your acting device (computer,smartphone and/or TV) and turn off (block) it’s screen ,the screen will turn on after at least 2 minutes from your movement.

Some interesting facts about Sitting for long period

% heart disease
% Obesity
% Wrecks your body

Sitting is killing you. Numerous studies have pointed to the health risks of sitting all day, but here you have in one illustration how prolonged sitting affects our bodies and reminders to interrupt sitting time whenever possible.The human body simply isn't built to sit all day at a desk or for hours vegging out on the couch. Many of us spend more time sitting than sleeping. To avoid the health risks, we need not just 30 minutes of daily exercise, the infographic advises, but taking every opportunity to get up during the day.

Heart desease grow, % 90
Obesity grow, % 85
Enzymens drop, % 60
Good cholesterol drop, % 70

AMI main steps

Sensing: SPC system senses the time of the Day,location and the number of hours you sit on your chair.
Reasoning: recognizes the user location,provide with the suitable activities . estimate the break time and the benefits that the user received.
Acting: .In case you neglect the alert ,SPC turns off your acting device screen.
Interacting: The device (laptop,PC,or mobile) shall notify you according to the selected time that is provided by the user arranging on the allowed healthy duration.

AMI features

Sensitive SPC senses the number of hours you sit.
Responsive According to the day time and the user location ,SPC suggests to you Things to do on your lunch break after leaving your chair.
Adaptive SPC is able to adapt the location.
Transparent PSC is very flexible and easy to use ,the device location is setting behind your chair/desk .
Ubiquitous SPC can be installed on the couch , in an office chair ,in a car and in any place you need.

Open issues

Our main problem is how the system recognizes and communicates with the acting device(you're using)?
SPC helps you prevent harmful habits and diseases .
The main thing we need to know is to learn the simplest way that connect the system with its ambient , also between the system and the devices.
In the future we can add a lot of options that improve our project , like add some mechanical parts to the system , so the users with disabilities can have some benefits from our system, according to that we may need some helps from some mechanical students or researchers in the politecnico.

System Requirements

Purpose ans Scope

Our system contains a sensor which detects The presence of the user ,and the system exchanges the data with the user's active (information about the total sitting time,the user location and the proper responding according to the received data). If the user is not at home the voices must not be activated , the system provides the user with the proper notification,The set time will be supported by a default setting . The Healthy duration time and the time interval before go back to sitting again will be 1 hour and 1 minute respectively as a default if the user does not adjust it.

  • User:officiers,and anybody use the computer.
  • System:Smart Portable Case.
  • Active device:the user's computer.
  • Proper responding:turn-off the user's computer screen after the allowed healthy duration,notifications and voice alerts.
  • Healthy duration:the maximum sitting time without any negative effects on the human body.

Users: Programmers,freelancers that working at/from home,students use the computers in their studies and any employee that using the computer for long periods sitting on the chair.


SETUP Installation ,set-up,first configuration
CONFIG Setting and preferences (may be changed any time by the target user)
SET-TIME Set-up the maximum allowed sitting time
Stand-up Action of the systems to keep the user away from the chair for few minutes.
Notifying notify the user before exceeding the healthy duration in few minutes.
ID FR Set Time 1
Title Set the maximum time that allows to the user staying on the chair
Description The user will insert the desired Healthy duration time that would be limited up to 2 hours as a maximum value
Priority 3
ID FR Set Time 2
Title Set the length of the the time interval before go back to sitting again
Description The user isable to choose the interval time that would be restricted in a recommended range
Priority 3
Title Set a various kinds of notifications
Description The user can choose the type of notifications respecting to his position Like a sms , audio , or vibration if he was in his house , however just sms and vibration if he was in his office .
Priority 2
ID FR Stand-up
Title The system forces you to stand up
Description if the user avoid the notifications , the system will turn off the screen of the device untill he leaves the chair for a certain time to reset the timer , then he becomes able to use the device again If the user sit on the chair before the end of the certain time , then the system will suppose that the user didn't Stand up and moreover the timer will recount for him again .
Priority 1

System Architecture

Raspberry PI

The Raspberry Pi is a small, powerful and lightweight ARM based computer.


A thermal sensor , able to communicate with the Raspberry Pi. It is placed close to the user's chair and, basically, recognise if there's a person on it or not.

System Components

The system Components have two sides:

Hardware components

The Raspberry pi
is the heart of the system , able to manage all of the communications between the system components.
The sensor
is located close to the user’s chair to check the presence of the user , and send the inforamtion to the raspberry pi able to calculate the sitting time period and makes to the appropriate actions and suggestions.
the web application
is like a profile information (the amount of sitting time ,warnings , notifications and suggestions) that provide for the user.

Software components

We proposed to implement our system software using Python programming language and its appropriate libraries . Our mobile Application has to support all the computer operating system

Meet our Team

We are a group of engineering students , trying to build the SPC system .

Maher Karzoun Programmer

ID Student: 206220
Gmail: maher.karzoun@gmail.com

Noussaiba Ben Ayed Designer

ID Student: 207100
Gmail: noussaiba.ben.ayed@gmail.com

Hassan Taha

ID Student: 173535
Gmail: hthassan12@gmail.com

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