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In our century people have frenetic life. In order to keep up with their non-stop routines they need a lot of energies. A big role in recovery is played by how much we spend sleeping. Unfortunately, as we grow up, the amount of hours we sleep reduces. Different may be the causes of it, and not considering it or neglecting too much may cause diseases/weakness. With our device we won’t underestimate the importance of sleep; but, how would we influence your sleep? Some studies have discovered that many factors in your room affect your rest, such as the light temperature and dimness or external noises; we want to change all those aspects without you need to think about it. SleepTight will simply create a sleeping pattern for you by sensing all daily physical activities, analyzing your agenda and getting data from previous night, that is either regarding how much time you spent sleeping or how well did you sleep, i.e. how much time you spent in deep sleep over the whole night. In agreement to that, everything around you that may help with your rest will be adapted according to your needs. Our device will provide you with the best room atmosphere before going to sleep and while sleeping in order to help you to... Sleep tight.

Main Steps

  • Sensing: Sensing the daily user activity (physical), past night asleep and time spent awake.
  • Reasoning: Evaluate how tired you are and how much sleep you need in order to be full of energy again.
  • Acting: Helps you following the routine before sleeping and modify ambient variables (sound/light/temperature) according to your needs before going to bed and while sleeping.
  • Interacting: Propose a sleep pattern and gives you a routine to follow to fall asleep.

Main Features

  • Sensitive: Sense all your daily activities and night activities (sleep and calories consumed during the day, i.e. How much walked/worked out)

  • Responsive: If you are not happy with the routine proposed he gives you another one that might suits you.
  • Adaptive: Adapt to your daily situation and reacts accordingly
  • Transparent: Our device is completely concealed into the room environment. The user won’t perceive any changes into the ambient surrounding him.
  • Ubiquitous: Our device will act onto every (possible) aspect of the room.
  • Intelligent: This device is able to elaborate data and modify the ambient by himself. It is also able to reevaluate a choice when the user decide not to listen to its advices.


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Non functional requirements

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Ambient operations

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User interaction

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Our Amazing Team

Team of computer engineering Politecnico 2013-2016

Nunzio Turco

Hardware developer, progammer

Francesco Lupo

User Interface developer, programmer

Eugenio Gallea

Software developer, progammer

This is our team, if you want to contact us, use the above social links.