What is Free to Breathe?

Free to breathe

FREE TO BREATHE is an interacting monitoring system thought for people affected by allergies (in the specific allergies for air particles), with the aim of supporting them and their whole family in their daily lives by making a safe area out of their home. Nowadays infact many people have this type of allergy problem that give them troubles during daytime and want to feel at ease at least in their own home.

From asthma to rhinitis, from conjunctivitis to hives, all those symptoms could be caused by the presence of a particular allergen in the air. It is studied that main causes of this allergic attacks are the presence in the air of allergenic substances (such as mites, pollen and mold) but also chemical substances (contained for example in cigarette smoke or perfumes) or wrong ambient conditions: excessive humidity to name one.

We imagine a system that works following the four steps of AmI: FtB will analyze everything it can in the room where you decide to install it and will adjust the parameters of the room in order to be beneficial to your health and consequently augment you comfort. It will also interact with you telling the expected condition outside and asking you questions that will allow it to make itself better all alone!

Let’s think about how this system will improve your life and the functionality of your house:

The risk of starting coughing or worse of having an attack because of the substances present in the air will be drastically reduced; it will be FtB’s duty to sense the presence of allergenic substances and eliminate them rapidly. The room is too cold? Or maybe too hot? Too humid? That could be problematic, but don’t worry, you won’t have to move a finger, our system will provide to sensible regulations all alone!

FtB doesn’t forget that external climatic conditions are nothing to joke neither, on the contrary it will constantly monitor them through your internet connection and will operate proactive regulations. Plus, it will also provide you tips on how to face the day or going out with low risks!

Least but not last, we want to tell you this: Ftb isn’t a cold heartless machine, it is your friend! You’re not entirely satisfied with its behavior? Just answer its questions and it will try to adjust itself to match your requirements and desires!

FtB is designed in order to maintain an acceptable particles level inside a room. All its features and specifications are implemented in order to fullfil to this aim. In particular the objective of the device is to make the minimum work in order to keep the air in the room clean and acceptable for the user. From the user interface FtB will acquire the user's feedback, from internet the estimated pollen level outside, from the sensor the particles level. With all those information it will decide if use or not a filter/fan to decrease the particles level. All the data will be also saved on a database in order to be re-used and the device could be forced to change its behavior by the user.

The device can not do the following things: make difference from different kind of pollen, sense any parameters from the user's body (maybe in a later version), sense directly outside the room, sense anything not related to the allergy [only particles,temperature and humidity for now], act in order to prevent wrong behavior of the user. It's also not guarantee that it will work properly if used in condition different from those described expicitly.


Are you interested in our device? You would like to know more? Let's see Requirements and Archtecture!
Requirements Architecture

When the world is filled with red lights signaling danger, the world is safer than usual. But when it's filled with green lights signaling safety, it creates a place more dangerous than anywhere.

Open Issue

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The team members that are working on the project

Amedeo Bertone

Electronic Engineering Student

Mauro D'Addato

Electronic Engineering Student

Zülal Keskin

Design Student

Davide Botteon

Electronic Engineering Student

About Us

We are all universitary student and the project is created for the Ambient Intelligence course of the Politecnico of Turin.

There is no copyright on the project idea, but in the development it is used hardware/software with copyright.

All the project is no commercial.